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Taverna srl stands out among the firms of Valenza’s goldsmith field for quality research and care in production. The firm, established in 1967, today brags about over forty years of excellent activity in creating quality jewels.
Our Firm
Beside the three founder members, still managing the firm, the breaking through of the new generations contributed to working method modernisation and product spread, in a global market getting more and more competitive and selective.

As in the past, today jewels of Valenza Taverna stand high in the public’s favour and they are distributed in Italy, in Europe and in almost all the countries of the world. Our customers can avail of a rich catalogue, a wide part of which is available on-line.

Jewels of Valenza

Taverna Jewels are expressions of the purest goldsmith tradition of Valenza. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links, earrings and gold and precious stone clasps.
Our Collections
Discover the charm of Taverna hand crafting jewelry, precious and refined collections that export the name of Valenza all over the word.
Italian Fine Jewellery
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  • Anello A215
    Code: A215
    Collection: Rings
    Codice A215
  • Bracciale BR140B
    Code: BR140B
    Collection: Bracelets
    Codice BR140B
  • Gemelli 311BBK
    Code: 311BBK
    Collection: Cuff Links
    Codice BR140B
  • Chiusura 4344
    Code: 4344
    Collection: Clasps
    Codice 311BBK
  • Anello A217
    Code: A217
    Collection: Rings
    Codice A217
  • Bracciale BR181
    Code: BR181
    Collection: Bracelets
    Codice BR181
  • Gemelli 372G
    Code: 372G
    Collection: Cuff Links
    Codice 372G
  • Chiusura 4350
    Code: 4350
    Collection: Clasps
    Codice 4350